“Restless soul this place will never be your home, and if you wanna have it all, you’ve gotta let it all go.”
Modern Life Is War, The Outsiders

It’s taken me an honest while to see certain things; hopefully one day the picture will be even clearer. Anyways, my name’s Ephraim, and I’m a college kid that lives about twenty minutes south of Memphis, Tennessee. I’m big on reading— particularly the writings of Holy Fathers, the lives of the saints, the Church’s hymnography, philosophy (within the scope of patristics), history and poetry.

image-1God allowed me to come into the fold of the Church (and ironically enough, one of His tools to do so was DTTW itself!) at a time when my soul truly needed it— at a time it was truly depraved by its transgressions and ironically enough, on the Sunday of the Blind Man, as a snotty 16 year-old kid that had just recently burned out of hardcore, a sorry friend that had deliberately pushed the only brothers he had ever known, and a spiteful son who had no respect for any authority, any form of hierarchy whatsoever. But that’s that. We all have our stories of newfound zeal for the truth, our recollections of emotional scars and baggage that the locusts stole, I’m definitely not any different. Momentary conversion is one thing, but perpetual movement is another.

image-2I’m super stoked to be a new part of the DTTW writing team; I’ll be writing on a myriad of topics. I hope and pray what little I know may also be edifying to other fellow co-strugglers in this life and bring glory to the most Holy, Consubstantial, life-creating, and Undivided Trinity.

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