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To Save the World (Issue 2)

Originally published in Issue 2. Written by John Marler, 1994

“Beauty will save the world” -Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Progress with its machines has made the world regress to a place where there is no beauty. If there is no beauty, what will save the world?

From the womb we are taught that things detestable are attractive, and therefore the image of true beauty is deformed. Since there is no distinction between what is beautiful and what is deformed, the youth of today are left with chaos.

We are told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if this were true the world would never have a chance to be saved, for man’s interpretation of beauty can be deadly.”Beauty is truth and truth is beauty,” but truth could never be in the eye of its beholder, for to say this is to say that there is no ultimate truth hand there is no answer to the question “Why?”

In the past, mankind had a way to express true beauty, and to express man’s seemingly confined soul, and to elevate it to its true state, which is beauty. This was done through the arts, through painting, literature, sculpture, drama, and music.

The arts of the modern world have confused and deformed souls and no longer elevate them to a higher state. They only express the soul of modern man, which has fallen headlong into destruction, despair, and sorrow. This is due to man’s fulfilling his earthly desires and forgetting his otherworldly calling. As time presses on it seems easier and easier to forget all that man was created for in the eyes of God, but we must not forget all that “Many are called but few are chosen to be not of this world.”


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