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Holy Fathers


Saint Feofil of the Kiev Caves

From Issue #23 Here we re-print the life of a lover of truth that has become known as the Patron of lost things. Today, more than a hundred ye...
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Elder Nikolai Guryanov

Elder Nikolai With a deep love for God and the Heavenly Queen, a monk once asked in his sincere prayer, “show me what mortal in our sinful...
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Elder Michael the Blind

Michael was born in 1877 in the country of Latvia. He had hardly reached the age of one and a half when his mother died; and when he was six,...
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Blessed Hieromonk Seraphim Rose

Father Seraphim was born into a typical white middle class Protestant family in San Diego in 1934. While growing up, he was the proverbial dutifu...
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Hardest of the Hardcore (Issue 3)

Originally published in Death to the World Issue #3, 1994.  There have been people throughout history and across the world who have sustained ...
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