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Introduction article to Issue 25 Jesus Christ. Swine. Madness. We have flipped entirely upside down. The world’s progression has become an ...
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The Mystery of God’s Judgements

By Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (1994) Printed in Issue 19 Father Paisios told us the following story, wishing to give us an example of the...
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The Sisters of Mercy

Printed in Issue #22 On the outskirts of Minsk, Belarus, lies a haven for the sick and suffering. This is the Convent of Saint Elizabeth, a so...
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Two Deaths

Written by Sophocles Printed in Issue 22 Every so often it happens to me that my past love of Punk Rock is renewed and brought back up to the...
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Saint Feofil of the Kiev Caves

From Issue #23 Here we re-print the life of a lover of truth that has become known as the Patron of lost things. Today, more than a hundred ye...
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The Nuns of Shamordino: Prisoners of Solovki

The Nuns of Shamordino Printed in Issue 22 Upon him who labors— God sheds mercy; but he who loves acquires consolation.        Elder Ambros...
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The Impossibility of Aloneness: When Christ Found Me in the Himalayas

By Magnus Printed in Issue 24 I’m an Orthodox Christian living in Homer, Alaska and experienced Jesus Christ in the Himalayas, in India. I...
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Exorcisms in Russia: From an Eyewitness

By Nun Cornelia Originally Printed in Issue 6, 1995 No Orthodox Christian in Russia doubts the existence of Demons, and that they wage brutal...
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Death Is Unnatural

+Saint Nikolai Velimirovic Originally printed in Issue 18. Death is not natural; rather it is unnatural. And death is not from nature; r...
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The Anti-Humans and the Re-Education Experiment

Originally published in Death to the World Issue 12 The Anti-Humans and the Re-Education Experiment Between 1944-1945, Communism took over ...
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